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Narrative Essay

  • Submitted by: miller11
  • on February 23, 2011
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With unemployment at an all time high, most families probably cannot receive unemployment so they turned to welfare for help. So What about help for single people that do not have children are they able to receive welfare as well? Yes, we can but its much harder for single people than for people who have children. I feel the problem with welfare today is that they do not give single people an opportunity for them to receive welfare and here are the many reason why.

One reason is that we do not have any children. Since we do not have children why should I be viewed differently. Welfare helps women or parents that have children quicker and fast then people who do not. Just because they may have children does not mean that i do not need help like them either. Welfare also pays child support to these children on top of them receiving full assistants from welfare. While me being single I have to be denied several times just for me to get assistants.

Another reason is that they expect for you to have a job. Some that have children work and collect welfare at the same time. Just because I’m single and I do not have a job should be no reason why welfare makes it harder for me to receive help. Maybe I have a disability or may be I got laid off.   When filing for welfare they expect for me to find a job or have a job but why would I ask for help if I already have a job. It should be no reason why single people have to work harder to receive welfare.

Finally, another reason why is time. Some families are foreign, so they get a certain amount of time until they need to find work. So if I do not have any children and I do not have a job where is my time going. I might be homeless. I might be going to school to get the training I need to get me a better job. I might be medically sick and unable to work at this point. They expect for me to utilizing my time in the order they expect. Which is if I am not working what am I doing with my time.

Today welfare help many...

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