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Native American Current Issue Essay

  • Submitted by: charter
  • on December 13, 2008
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Native American Current Event
In Rosebud, South Dakota, the wind blow continuously in the high plains. Native American tribes see an opportunity to make a profit in harnessing the wind for power. A big concern for people in our daily lives is fuel costs and global warming. If you are considering going green, wind energy has many positive impacts on the environment. Native American tribes, the Rosebud Sioux seek to claim their inheritance. The Rosebud Sioux wants to build a turbine farms to harness some of the country strongest and most reliable winds.
One of the tribal officials, Ken Haukaas believed they could create a new economic foundation for the twenty-nine thousand tribal members whose per capita annual income is about $7,700. Mr. Ken Haukaas said, “we’re broke here, we’re poor, the wind is free, there’s energy here all the time, the buffalo were a gift, the wind is a gift.” The quote is similar to how life in general has no value instead we all need to start living in recognition of this fact so that we can protect the places we love.
If you look at the earth, there are certain places that seem to have power, and we don’t know what kind of power it is, except you have a different feeling, you feel energized. That’s why in a lot of the ceremonies you simply go out into the land at a certain place under supervision of a medicine man and open yourself up. And what I think is powerful about these religions is that you can continue to have revelations. All the revelation is telling you is how you and your community, at this time in life, can adjust to the rest of the world. So, it’s not like we designated a place and said, ‘This is going to be sacred.’ It came out of a lot of experience. The idea is not to pretend to own it, not to exploit it, but to respect it. Trying to get people to see that that’s a dimension of religion is really difficult (The Sacred Land   Reader 2000: 10).
There are a number of reasons why wind power is part of our energy solution....

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