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Natural Habitats Essay

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An exotic species is a plant or animal that is not housed in its natural habitat. Not all non-
native species cause problems for the environment. For instance, peaches originated in Persia,
and have been carried to much of the populated world. Human intervention is required for a lot
of exotic species to survive in a new habitat. Ironically, they can increase the biodiversity of the
area in some cases. You do have some that cause major problems such as invasive exotic
diseases. An example is smallpox, which caused some Native American civilizations to be wiped
The African rue, scientifically known as Peganum harmala, is a   plant that has found a
home in the areas of Las Vegas, NV. It has been listed as one of many Nevada Noxious
Weeds, regulated by NRS 555.130. (Nevada Aministration Code) The African rue is found in
disturbed environments such as roadsides and fields in desert to semi-desert areas. This plant is
found in many western states, although it may be completely removed from California. It is
native to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It produces primarily by seed, but severed roots
can produce new shoots. (Invasive.Org)
These exotic plants are primarily watched because they have poisonous properties.

African rue is poisonous to cattle, sheep, horses ,and humans. Other species may be vulnerable

as well. The seeds, fruit and young leaves are the most poisonous plant parts. Rue is an

extremely unpalatable plant and livestock consume it only when starving or under a severe
mineral deficiency.   They damage the gastrointestinal tract, heart and liver. There is no known

antidote for African rue poisoning, but treatment recommendations include rest, clean water and

high quality feed. (Wargo)

The African rue is native to   Africa and southern Asia. I haven't found definite answers to

validate if these plants cause problems in their native lands. I would think some of the

health risk involved...

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