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Nature And Imagery In Of Mice And Men Essay

  • Submitted by: martinhas
  • on February 27, 2011
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One major theme used in the book “Of Mice And Men” by John Steinbeck is nature. This theme is used at both the start and end of the book, for various reasons. Nature is obviously interlinked with imagery, used on a range of occasions in the book. Both nature and imagery are in cooperation with each other to bring up hints of future events, or to create a mood, and even to predestine Lennie’s and George’s future in the novel.

                        In the book there are two main paragraphs in which Steinbeck describes nature, the first paragraph in the first chapter and the first paragraph in the last chapter. These two paragraphs contrast immensely and in a way show how George and Lennie’s destiny is heading throughout the story. These two paragraphs are almost total opposites but do contain some sentences that are near enough the same, but put into the context relating to George and Lennie’s dreams. For instance, “Already the sun had left the valley”, is in great contrast with the phrase, “The golden foothill slopes curve up to the strong and rocky Gabilan Mountains”, this distinction between both phrases, and the great use of imagery which is interlinked with the theme of nature, makes us realise how there was hope at the start of the book, but that all that hope was broken down by the end of the book. The sun leaving the valley reflects the idea of dreams that have flown away, however, the strong and rocky Gabilan mountains ties into the idea that, although it will be hard to reach that dream, there is some faith because the mountains are “ foothill”, or in other words, reachable.

                      Another fundamental role of imagery and nature is for us to recognize or to be able to predict upcoming procedures; in other words, the book foreshadows the events about to come up. Steinbeck uses the technique of foreshadowing to make the book Of Mice and Men more than just merely a book. He made it a book where the reader can...

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