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NEC's 'Big Brother' Lab Essay

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Article: NEC's 'Big Brother' Lab

This article consists of wiring up a lab with cameras, microphones, and other high technology products to receive a complete understanding of what each scientist is working on. NEC claims that the scientist will openly compare notes and ideas to outsiders. This will help companies launch products faster and more efficiently. NEC claims they are not creating a big brother work environment, but is creating this to come up with ideas and theories in a much faster way.
NEC may arise many issues for the employees who will be in this working situation. As a fact, there will be many privacy concerns with this experiment. The employees are basically allowing NEC to spy on every move they make at work. I believe this gives you no freedom, and very little room for errors. For example, big brother is going to able to see every mistake you make small or big, which can cost you your job. I feel this will be a stressful environment and employees will not be able to put their best work into their jobs.
Human resources would have to deal with simple and complex issues with this experiment. First of all, they would be able to watch and hear every move employees make. So if there is any complaint on one employee to another, it would be very easy to observe these employees to the specified area of concern. The more complex issues in the human resource department would to be able to recognize legal issues this may occur. They would not want anyone to be able to sue the company for any mistakes this experiment may come up with.
An idea for a solution for this experiment would have to be in a written contract form. NEC would have to come up with a well thought out, written contract that could back up any problems that may arise. In order for employees to work under these conditions, they must completely understand and be aware of what will be taken place under this experiment.

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