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Necessary revolution dupont overview

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1.) DuPont has done a wonderful job of reinventing itself from a petrochemical-based company into a new, environmentally friendly world leader of plant-based chemicals and products.   They began restructuring by incorporating the value matrix of sustainability, and figured out where they could improve their company the most.   The first goal of DuPont resided in Senge’s lower left quadrant which involves risk and cost reduction and is a way for “a company [to] gain credibility for all future sustainability efforts” (Senge 136).   In 1990, DuPont set out a series of aggressive reduction goals and made sure managers committed to them.   By 2004, “global air carcinogens were down over 90 percent, global hazardous waste by over 40 percent, global greenhouse gas emissions by over 70 percent, and total energy use by over 5 percent”(Senge 136).   While these footprint reduction goals are great for the environment, they also had a net savings of 3 billion dollars for DuPont.   It shows how interventions to reduce the internal carbon footprint carry a low risk, paybacks can be calculated in advance and they represent real cash.   Because of this, DuPont released a new set of cost reduction goals set for 2015. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 15 percent from 2004, reducing water consumption by 30 percent for sites with scarce freshwater, ensuring that 100 percent of DuPont’s off-site fleet of cars and light trucks represent leading technologies for fuel efficiency and further reducing air carcinogens by at least 50 percent.   This demonstration of significant progress on reducing waste and emissions leads to external credibility, but also positive reinforcement within the company.   As cost reductions goes straight to the bottom line, employees will see the company’s competitive edge and profits rise.   In order to tackle the bottom right quadrant, reputation and legitimacy, DuPont executives brought in outside organizations, stakeholders, and external...

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