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Negotiation Essay

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Negotiation Styles
      Many instances exist in the world that serves as an example of how negotiation techniques differ. Many countries as well as organizations have differences of opinion when determining negotiation styles. China and the United States are examples of how policies, culture, and society influence the negotiation style. Even though these countries differ in tactics for negotiation styles there is still one goal that each country is trying to obtain. This goal is the unity, solidarity, and strength within their respective borders. The abilities of these countries to navigate successfully the negotiation landscape will determine who will see their goals achieved and those that will not.
      Historical Background
      In the United States the people have been brought up from a rural society to an urban society. This rural background has given many generations of Americans “shoot first, ask questions later” form of society. This is both figuratively and actual. Literal meaning that in the rural era of cowboys and the Wild West, shooting first and asking questions later, was a societal norm. Frankly, it was a matter of survival. In present-day America this line of thought still exists but in a more productive and less messy way. Typically, America has become a more urbanized society. However, the nature of conducting business is done behind doors of giant corporations and the “shoot first, and then ask questions later” mentality is done at a table in which negotiations settle disputes and blood is never shed.
      In the Asian society, in particular China, there is a common ground understood. Some are born into the life of farming and those that live in large urban areas. This still holds true today. The majority of the Chinese live in the sprawling farm lands and only 23% of the country lives in the urban areas of China (Smith, 2010). Even with these relatively small numbers, total population as of 2010 in China is at 1.3 billion, which are...

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