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Neither Here Nor There Essay

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  • on February 23, 2011
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Neither Here Nor There
By: Jessica Wallace

Come on in, just take a peak. I’m sitting in an apartment but don’t feel welcomed. Alone with no company, no one to even ask me how I’m doing. No room to breathe with all four members of my family cramped inside this tiny   “home”. Now lets go back a few months. I’m sitting in a house that hugs me when I walk in. My best friend and my cousin are over, all of us watching T.V. “Come on guys, lets go on a walk”, I suggest to my friends. I open the door and take in the rush of fresh air, while the vast open space pleases my eyes and grants me an uplifting sigh. I wish I knew when that dreadful envelope arrived, and when my dad unexpectedly explained, “Job transfer, Kansas City…” and that’s all my ears could handle, I wish I knew just how much my life was going to change. My life was just about to take a turn in an entirely new direction. My roller coaster ride had just begun.

I live in two unique and separate worlds, one day I will be there and the next day I will be here. About three months ago I moved from Troy Missouri to Platte City, straight across the state. I didn’t expect the vast differences that immediately engulfed me as a person. In Troy I lived in the middle of Cuivre River State Park and here in Platte City I live in an apartment without the luxury of a backyard filled with wildlife and trees. To the average person I’m sure that moving doesn’t seem like that big of a psychological struggle, but for me it was about ten times worse.   I had lived in Troy ever since I was in third grade. I knew that town inside and out. Being in Platte City makes me feel like an outcast. It was a whole new world to me and still is.

Not only are my homes and environment extremely different but I started my senior year at a totally new and much smaller high school. At first I argued with my parents and begged them for just one more year at Troy to complete high school but financially they couldn’t afford it. I soon...

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