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Nelson Mandella-Leadership Essay

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Rolihlahl Mandela was born in a small village in South Africa in 1918, and was the first in his family to receive a British education and a new name the first day of school, Nelson.   He was motivated to study law after he witnessed the democracy of African tribal supremacy at an early age. (Notable Biography Nelson Mandela)   While in college studying law he was involved in the boycott of the Student Representative Council against the policies of the university that he studied at and was asked to leave.   That is when his career in politics began. (Nelson Mandela Timeline)
His political activity officially began when the National Party that supported the apartheid policy of racial segregation won the elections.   He began his campaign against their policies using a non-violent approach, and after realizing his no violence approach wasn’t working he resorted to guerilla warfare.   The United States considered him a terrorist and refused his entry; he ran for 17 months before he was finally captured and spent 27 years in prison. (Nelson Mandela Leadership Case Study, 2010)   While imprisoned, Mandela said that the thing he felt the most deprived of was hearing a baby cry or holding a child’s hand.   (Gedda, 2008)   A personal note on the above statement is that I feel a true leader realizes the importance of family and the delicate balance between family and work; something that is often easily forgotten by many leaders.  
Nelson Mandela was a transformational leader in many ways.   He was the driving force that helped liberate his country from a system of powerful prejudice and helped bring together black and white, the tormenters and the broken. (Gedda, 2008)   Even while he was imprisoned, his reputation continued to grow; he was touted as the most important black leader that South Africa had ever seen.   His importance as a leader gained even more acceptance, and he became the symbol of resistance to the anti-apartheid movement; he was so firm in his belief that he...

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