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Netflix Essay

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Christopher Aguirre                                                                                     Professor Ramos
Sophie                                                                                                           T-R 8:25 – 9:40
Jorge                                                                                             Principles Of Management

        Case #1 – Netflix

In the 90’s almost every family in a America owned a block buster card. It was a huge trend for families to create family movie night, rent two or three movies for the family to watch over the weekend. They would let you have two night and return before noon the next day. At the time seemed like a great deal. No one had a complaint, except when they would get the late fee for misplace DVD’s.

Reed Hasting the founder and CEO of Netflix had conceptual skill to notice the demand for an easier procedure for families to rent DVD’s without the tremendous late fee connected to the fun. With Reeds’ strategic leadership to develop into unknown territory, the success of Netflix began and was able to provide a better alternative to renting movies. With their simple statement “ Our vision is to change the way people access and view the movies they love”
Netflix chooses to run there video rental differently than the well know “mom and pop” shops that were always know before the 90’s.   Reed tried to created a business plan that would create customer satisfaction. Like many company start up they had many concepts   that fail.   Reeds’ first idea was that there were no late fees. Just a monthly fee. First having only two movies at a time. Many clients did not return and for any company that is a major down fall. Reed brainstorm and as a company they came up with new idea’s such as movie recommendation. (Eliminated New Release that were already in high demand)
Netflix big idea was that they would potentially having DVD in the homes the next day. Reed notice analysed many of the...

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