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The Netherlands known as soft-drugs paradise Essay

  • Submitted by: djkrick
  • on December 3, 2008
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The Netherlands known as soft-drugs paradise

The last few years governments are having big issues with the production, transport and the use of drugs in their countries. Except for the place were we live “The Netherlands”. The Netherlands is as far I know the only country in the world that has a tolerance-policy about soft-drugs. This means the government does not want you to smoke weed or hash, but if you do it, then they will see it through the fingers. Why do the Netherlands have less issues with soft-drugs than other European countries?

The Netherlands has a good policy about soft-drugs. One of the reasons is we have less drug addicts. In our country we have a lower percentage of people being addicted then other European countries. For example in the United Kingdom there are a lot more drug addicts compared to the Netherlands. That is one reasons why other countries should follow us.

The second reason why other countries should follow us, is crime. Because we can buy ‘legal’ soft-drugs in the coffee shops. Therefore it is easy to score some soft-drugs. The coffee shops can stay open, because the government now has control on them. And also the government gets 19% tax over the soft-drugs. This means there is less illegal soft-drugs business and this safer for the people.

The last reason why soft-drugs are ‘legal’ is because of the tourism. There are a lot of people who come to the Netherlands for soft-drugs. Everyone knows the Netherlands because of there tolerance-policy. Amsterdam is the biggest soft-drug capital of the world. Many tourists who visit . When I am in an other country I talk to the locals and every time I say, I am from the Netherlands. They say the words: hash,   weed and Amsterdam!

So you can conclude out of these reasons that in The Netherlands there is a good policy about soft-drugs. The reason why the policy is still running is, less crime, less addicts and some income for the government. So I think other countries in Europe...

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