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Neuculear Energy Vs Coal Essay

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Below is an essay on "Neuculear Energy Vs Coal" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Every energy source used today has its advantages and disadvantages.   In today’s go- green environment, industries are looking for carbon free solutions to climate change (Christian Science Monitor, 2007).   The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast nuclear power with other forms of energy sources, specifically coal, and to show why nuclear power is a more efficient, cost effective and a cleaner alternative to coal power.  
First, I’ll start off with coal.   In 2005 Coal Power gave the United States 49.7% of it power.   If a plant was brought online, using modern technology without carbon capture and sequestration in 2015, the plant would produce power for about 5.31 cents per kilowatt hour.   The U.S. has state that they have coal reserves of approximately 496 billion tons of coal (more than any other country in the world), part of which is mineable with modern technology and technology sure to come. The worldwide consumption of coal is expected to increase 71% between 2005 and 2031.   It will do this because new countries that get 75% of their power from coal plants.   As a countries size increases their demand for coal power increases.   For example, because China is growing so rapidly they construct a new coal plant on an average of about one-plant-per-week.   The Environmental Protection Agency estimates because of the increase in coal usage that green house gases will increase up to 4% if the carbon IS captured and stored, and a 119% increase if the carbon is NOT captured and stored. (EnergyLiteracy 2007)
The following are the pros of coal power.   Coal is widely available in the U.S., with up to if not over 250 years of reserves available at the current rates of consumption (EnergyLiteracy, 2007).   The price of coal is somewhat cheap and fairly stable (EnergyLiteracy, 2007). The idea behind burning coal to generate electricity is well mastered and known, and building coal power plants is one of the least intensive ways to provide energy on a per...

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