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New Hazard Essay

  • Submitted by: theraven
  • on December 11, 2008
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New Hazard
Eliminating the use of cell phones on the roads in the United States would contribute to saving 2,500 lives a year! On top of that, it would also prevent the injuries of 330,000 people each year. With over 266 million people with cell phones in the US, this statistic is only going to continue to become a growing problem unless something is done to stop cell phone usage while driving. Critiques of this idea are selfish and often only think of their own busy lives. They push aside the thought of how hazardous they become when they decide to sit behind the wheel and have a cell phone conversation while driving. As most cautionary citizens agree, something must be done, and the only answer is to ban the use of cell phone usage while operating a motor vehicle.    
Drunk driving is usually thought to be the worst condition in which one could drive, but many don’t realize that in reality talking on the phone while driving is just as dangerous if not more whether it’s hands-free device or not. Due to this, car accidents are becoming more and more a result of the use of cell phones, rather than drunk drivers. Psychologists at Utah University found the shocking truth that people who talk on the phone while driving are as impaired as those who drive intoxicated. They also found that drivers on their phone usually drive slower, are delayed in reacting to hitting their brakes, and are more likely to have an accident. In comparison, when drunk drivers were tested they also drove at a slower speed, but they reacted to hitting the brakes quicker and firmer than those talking on the phone. As the results show, both cell phone use and alcohol, when in the right situation can be highly dangerous, and cause just as much devastation.  
Despite the popular opinion, hands-free cellular devices have not proven to be significantly safer than hand-held devices. A study done by the University of Utah in 2001 found that hands-free cellular devices are just as dangerous. This...

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