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New Netherland Society And Economy Essay

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New Netherland Society and Economy

The New Netherland society was founded on the principle of trade, and the profit of the fur trade.   Even though there were some missteps in the beginning of the society, colonization eventually took place with a culmination of events.  
With the purchase of Manhattan Island from the Indians, there was now a central place to operate efficiently as a populace, as well as a trade firm. Along with the purchase came the Patroonship plan, which was conceived and modified so that colonists would eventually migrate to the new enterprise.   This helped expand the colony and provide for a thriving trade.
Persons in the New Netherland society were employees of the West India Company, which made it a company owned and operated business.   This provided everyone, who was part of the society, an opportunity to make money and trade for goods. It also provided the chance for the company to pick and choose who would eventually come to the area from the Netherlands.   With the opportunity for profit, the merchants that made the trip also had a chance to make a substantial salary, and even make a fortune from being an entrepreneur.
Many of the merchants were from the home country, which in turn spread the capital in the wrong places.   When there was a gross profit, it was eventually sent to Amsterdam and other places, drying out the capital needed to expand and be prosperous.   Many merchants would outbid their neighbors and barely break even, which lead to trading amongst themselves in various forms.  
This type of trade eventually led to the abandonment of the trade monopoly the West India Company, and opened the area up to other merchants.   This allowed the company to pass the Articles and Conditions in 1638 and the Freedoms and Exemptions in 1640, which charged levies on imports and exports.   These factors gave an advantage to many employees that had left the company to pursue roles as agents for other firms

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