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New Zealand Research Paper

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  • on December 4, 2011
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New Zealand

New Zealand   has beautiful scenery, including coastlines, beaches, forests and wildlife. It

also has a lot of General Geology, Geography and Natural Hazards. New Zealand is also

admired for its great amount of supplies and wild life.

      General Geology

A. Gemstones

New Zealand doesn't have diamonds, emerald or sapphires, but it does have gemstones

many gems used to make jewelry. The meaning of a gemstone is beautiful,

durable and rare.   Most gemstones have been washed down a river , and are

already round and smooth. Gemstones are also found inland, but it is almost always necessary to get

permission from the landowner to collect those.

B. Geologic Explorations

Many explorers made discoveries in New Zealand.

They sketched, made notes, mad maps and published reports on volcanoes, river terraces, oil seeps

and mineral ores. In this natural space, the exact standards established in the 19th century are

now used in the study of the ocean floor and other geological boundaries.

Between 1839 and 1841 Ernst Dieffenbach, from Germany, explored the North Island. He wrote about

rocks, volcanoes, plants and animals, and Māori culture.   Later in the 1850's, New Zealand was thought

of as a land of gold.   The miners found gold in Coromandel, and soon all regions wanted to know if

gold, coal and other valuable minerals were in the ground. In the 1940s, scientists knew how to

measure the depth of the sea floor around New Zealand. They discovered canyons, valleys and

volcanoes under the sea.

        Rocks and Minerals

A mineral is a solid substance with a definite chemical structure   All

rocks are made minerals. Scientists have found some unusual rocks and  

minerals in New Zealand.   Distinctive green-grey goodletite (named after its

discoverer, William Goodlet), and purple tuhualite (named after Tuhua or Mayor Island) are found

only in...

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