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newb Essay

  • Submitted by: ineedaspo
  • on December 8, 2008
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Photojournalism is like a language. Photojournalists take complex situations and derive the feelings from them. They can use situations that are both dark and light and turn these into a simple story that everyone can understand. You might think that photography is just about capturing a beautiful image and locking it into place. But photojournalism is used to tell a series of events. By capturing a single moment they are able to capture the single page in a storybook. Through this image they can evoke fear hatred happiness and many other emotions. And By providing a photograph or a series of photographs they are able to tell a story. A photograph is not just an answer it is the beginning of a series of events; take the picture of this girl ‘sharbat gula”. This photograph exhibits many things. This picture shows the haunting in her eyes.   But this photograph is also asking a question, why does she look so fearful. This is the beginning of a story. Photojournalism is like a universal dialect, it transcends all barriers, religious, language and cultural.

Humans are visual creatures. We are awake most of the day and throughout a single day we a berated with constant images. A job of a photographer is to allow someone else to look through your eyes. Photojournalists report the truth. The use real life images to evoke feelings. They do not try to convert and alter the facts of a situation. Instead the use the situation as a portal, so that you can view it in a new light. Photojournalism is like an artwork, most photojournalist have a trained eye, which allows them to discover images that most people would miss. Photojournalism is not so much about forcing the image, as it is about discovering it. In other words there is no posing no faking all of it is natural emotion and feeling.

Photojournalism was started by Carol Szathmari in 1853. Szathmari documented the events of the Crimean war. Szathmari is considered the first photojournalist because he is the first...

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