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Nfl General Managers Essay

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In the world today there are an infinite amount of areas in need of management. Some are high profile jobs dealing with the medical field or the government. Most are very low profile such as: managing a local McDonald’s or a local grocery store. While a few love low profile management positions, most would die for the dream of getting paid the “Big Bucks” of the high profile positions. And in America, there are only few greater dream positions than being the general manager (GM) of a pro sports team in the nation’s most popular league. In the workforce general managers will always have major rolls and responsibilities for any field, but in the NFL their decisions can make or break their team.

Hiring a Head Coach

Of the many roles the NFL general manager has, none may be more important than hiring a head coach and a staff. Every year there are numerous head coaching candidates eager for a shot to lead a team to the top of the NFL mountain, and it is the general manager’s (sometimes with the help of the team owner) responsibility to find the best candidate. There are so many to choose from and from so many venues of the industry, which makes this a very daunting task for most of the leagues teams every year. Coaches can come from the college ranks, other teams that just let him go, the team’s own coaching staff; other team’s coaching assistants, and a few other sources. Being fortunate enough to find the right man can mean accolades, but picking the wrong person can mean the GM will be looking for a new team to work for in the coming seasons. There is not an exact science to the art of head coach selecting, but it is best to weigh the pros and cons of each candidate. Researching the candidate’s background and talking with people around the league he has worked with can help the GM make the best possible choice. There should be a team of front office personnel, along with assistants, researching the candidate alone. Because if the candidate is...

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