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nickel and dimed selling in minessota Essay

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elling in Minnesota

In chapter 3 of Nickel and Dimed Barbara travels to Minnesota to research about low wage living. Shes concerned about Latinos hogging all the crap jobs as they often do. (pg. 121)
Minnesota   now has 205,896 residents identified as Latinos. The Census Bureau indicates that Latinos/as exceeded 500,000 in 16 states. Latinos remained the largest minority group in the country. We always think that foreign people is the one that get the worst jobs, immigration has a lot to do with this.

Barbara finds an apartment for free for a few days while she starts looking for a descent job. Shes done with the housecleaning, waitressing and nursing homes, she needs a change, so she drives to the nearest Walmart to fill out applications. With no experience in the job its better to go there and exhibit herself, that way they can see the interest and give her a chance . They offer her a job but she needs to fill   a survey first, Barbara talks about the aplication process, its long and it consists in three parts, a survey, drug test and an interview.
Shes worried about the drug test, Claritin-D gives her a little bounce but will this show up as crystal meth? so she starts looking for different jobs, she stops in a place called Miards housewares store, its a good place to work, they start her with a personality test and another drug test, thinking she will need a weekend of detox to pass them. Meanwhile she needs a place to live but nothins seems to be on her budget.
The day of the drug tests for boths jobs are long and embarrasing. Mexico asks for drugs tests in almost all jobs, also pregnancy and health checkup, getting a job there is hard, so if they are going to hire you, they need to know you are healthy.

Each potential new job requieres (1) the application, (2) the interview and (3) the drug test. Barbara passed the two drug tests, she decides to accept the wal mart job. Wal Mart has three principles, respect for the individual, exceeding...

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