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Night- Elie Weisel Essay

  • Submitted by: tiffany_04
  • on December 5, 2008
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Elie Weisel grew up during the time of the Holocaust, and survived being tortured mentally and physically in the Auschwitz, Poland concentration camps.   Under Hitler’s reign, he watched half of his family die practically in front of his face.   Weisel expresses his voice and his memories in his novel, Night.   These memoirs concrete the memories and document the time in which Elie turned from an innocent 14 year-old boy to a grief stricken and heart hardened man.   His story begins in the year 1944, in his home town of Sighet, Transylvania where soon after, he and his family are deported by the Nazis.   All of these things, he experienced starting at the age of only 14 years old.
God is a major theme from the beginning of his story; God is first mentioned before the Weisels are condemned by the Germans when Elie explains his need for a mentor.   Elie is in an active pursuit of Hasidic Judaism, studying the Talmud and cabbala is not sufficient enough for his strive.   He asks the handyman from the local synagogue to be his mentor.   Moshe the Beadle, the mentor, is profiled as a loner and fairly poor man.   He is still respected by Elie because of his knowledge and willingness to spend time and share this knowledge with him.   Throughout the story, Elie tends to second guess God and seemingly questions his faith.   When he and his father walk past the fiery pit in which babies and infants are being thrown, it is then that he first tests his faith in God.   Elie relates himself to Job, the biblical man who is overcome with hardship and second guesses God.   After numerous accounts of witnessing, one would think that he would grow accustomed to seeing his fellow prisoners die, however he never did.   A fourteen year old boy should never be expected to grow comfortable with these sorts of grotesque displays.   None the less, Elie questioned his God every time.   During Elie’s time spent in the hospital recovering from foot surgery, his neighboring patient offers an attack on...

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