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Nixon's Politics Essay

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Elected to presidency in 1968, Richard Nixon was a small town conservative in search of challenges to be conquered.   One of those challenges that Nixon sought to settle was the Vietnam War.   Working together with National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, Nixon pursued some of the same foreign policy strategies used during the Cold War along with different strategies.
Nixon and Kissinger looked to end the war “but insisted on peace with honor”.   In Nixon’s attempt to have the Vietnamese negotiate peace on the American terms, he decided to raid Vietnamese military bases (Davidson, 2006).  
Although Nixon agreed with containment used during the Cold War, he decided to shift some of the burdens for containment to other allies.   The burden was shifted to Japan, Iran, Zaire, and South Africa (Davidson, 2006).  
Nixon and Kissinger sought new ways to contain Soviet power.   They did not want to use the traditional threat of arms but through negotiations.   This policy was later known named the détente (Davidson, 2006).  
In the attempt to create linkages among cold war issues, Nixon and Kissinger decided that “they would make concessions to the Soviets on nuclear arms”.   This was done to ease the pressure of arms race among the Soviet economy.   In return, the Soviets would have to limit their arms buildup (Davidson, 2006).  
In addition, Nixon and Kissinger developed a “China Card”.   With this card, the United States would develop diplomatic relations with the Chinese.   This policy would cause “the Soviets to be more conciliatory toward the United States (Davidson, 2006)”.
Nixon also worked towards easing the American trade deficits through foreign policy.   As with the Cold War, a weapon’s treaty was the most important result of this meeting.   The weapon’s treaty was known as the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty.   This treaty was an agreement in which both sides agreed to not develop any new antiballistic missiles (Davidson, 2006).

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