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No title Essay

  • Submitted by: greenclover
  • on December 12, 2008
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People often get angry or upset when they are discriminated against, which I believe is a natural reaction when a person is stereotyped or treated a certain way because the color of their skin. They react this way because they don’t understand the origins of these stereotypes which is fear and ignorance. Ignorance fuels a lot of the hatred in this world because we are scared of what we don’t know. Fear fuels our defensive mechanism which is in the form of discrimination and stereotyping. The action even unconsciously at times, to defend ourselves from the things and people we are ignorant of, is to put them down. So, are our reactions helpful to these typecasts or are they hurting? Before we answer that question it is important to understand this behavior and to change the reaction to it, because a lot of times how a person reacts can reinforce the stereotypes and the discrimination against them.

  “The more a prisoner pleaded, the more annoyed and violent the S.S became. Expressions of pain amused them”, “Because my behavior did not correspond to what he expected of Jewish prisoners on the basis of his projection, he could not use his prepared defenses against being touched by the prisoners plight.” These two quotes in “A Victim” by Bruno Bettelheim illustrate the way a reaction as victim of discrimination   influences the way the other person acts toward them. The S.S Officer fed into the pain he knew would be coming from the Jews. He put them all into the “pathetic Jew” category and the other prisoners reinforced this image of them that he had in his mind. Yet Bettelheim decided to react to this treatment of the officers differently, the result was not only different treatment but better treatment. “As soon as the cutting was over, I started to leave. He showed surprised and asked why I didn’t wait for further treatment. I said I had gotten the service I asked for, at which he told the orderly to make an exception and treat my hand. After I left the room, he...

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