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Nonchalance Essay

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Below is an essay on "Nonchalance" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Anything that conjures up to mind, focuses, stays there, lingers on and becomes part of your emotional web, becomes a bondage to some level.   If I see this as linking your moods and thoughts, notwithstanding the memory, it will well fit in the maning of the term.   But non chalance is the key to all that we look for when we are in total grip.   Like the possibilty of being free, liberty finding its wings in the arms of a prospective lover, nonchalance moves in our vicinities and stays yet so far that our grip in the wave of one hand will more or less lose it.   We'll be helpless if we find solace in bondage but in indifference that is smeared with non chalance, we do not get to be responsible about it all, but the idea is in its root - demanding that we be sure, perhaps more than that, exact.   To the mind, a laid back attitude of a person is not much, except that things would be taken care, perhaps, and that too, later.   But, if you are persistant in planning it well ahead to perform, it is a habit that the mind conjures up to deem you a wastor, to be in the lines of useless.   If the rituals of non performance and non attachment agrees with your character, you may have well defined reasons to substantiate your behavior and then, it makes sense to you, providing you with a sligthly unattributed worthfulness that you are o.k with.   It is this vanity that you need to be scared of when taking things for granted and nonchalance, boy, it comes with surprises like these.. Oh!

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