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None Essay

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  • on March 1, 2011
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Gangsterism that has been terrorizing the community can be curbed more effectively through various approaches.

Proper guidance and education by parents is an excellent way to nurture youngsters to stay on the right path. Supervision given at home plays an integral role in shaping one’s character and personality, but parents are unable to keep a close eye on their children’s activities the entire day.

The high school phase is the focal point. At this stage, gangsterism must be addressed.

The degree of social contact is at its peak during school hours. Different individuals with different personalities blend together on this one platform. It is here that the mind goes astray and decisions are made based on the influences of friends and those that may not have proper guidance at home.

These particular groups of individuals are the ones teachers need to focus on as they will have great influence on others. One could say that they have tasted and experienced the indulgence of excessive freedom and are viewed with immense envy by those who have to constantly comply with all the rules laid down for them.

This is where the problem arises. With the freedom these individuals have at hand, they are exposed to unhealthy activities and places such as arcade centers, billiard joints and shabby malls. These are places where school children are exposed to “outside” parties.

These “outside” parties then take advantage of the school kids by introducing them to unhealthy activities such as smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol and fighting. Gradually, this would lead to character change as our children would become bolder in breaking the rules and reacting violently to situations.

High school kids are often targeted by these “outside” parties as easy recruits to join their unlawful associations. Students are promised protection from bullies and even the school authorities for a small monthly fee. This monthly fee accumulates, given that the recruits keep recruiting...

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