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Not So Happy To Be Nappy Essay

  • Submitted by: wandabread
  • on December 5, 2011
  • Category: Social Issues
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What does it take to be beautiful in America? Being that America is known as the “melting pot” there should be different definitions of beauty based upon different racial groups. That fact has been proven wrong time and time again in America’s society. Even though different racial groups have their own preference when it comes to beauty, there are only a few characteristics that society as a whole dawns as beautiful. For many of years the “blonde hair and blue eyes” aspect of beauty has only been widely accepted for what beauty really is in American society. Obtaining the stereotype that all women should have long hair and fair skin seems to be ruining the customs and culture of different races. An example of this is the use of hair weave in black women verses any other race. Because of biological reasons African American women got the short end of the stick when it comes to the hair department of beauty. I personally believe that the natural texture of African American women’s hair is beautiful but many black women seem to beg to differ. I began to question what sociological effect hair weave has on the African American woman.
“Black women always had a love hate relationship with their hair”, Elaine Bell Kaplan stated in her article in contemporary sociology. For many of years hair African American hair has been dawned as a bad trait that black women seem to have. There has been an epidemic that has taken place with African American women to become natural. An article on black hair called, “Having a Black Hair day?” , talks about the European belief and traits of beauty that African American women wasn’t born with wants so bad to obtain their standards of beauty. The article talks about how it could be impossible for the act of negativity towards the hair of black women to vanish. Multi-million dollar companies have flourished based on the fact that African American women wanted so bad to obtain straight hair. Little girls who have to go through the chemical...

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