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Not So Sustainable Essay

  • Submitted by: FuckThis
  • on December 11, 2008
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Can we have sustainable with energy?
As the worlds population increases so does the desperate need for energy. The average US citizen uses 100 times more commercial energy than the average person in Bangladesh. The   most available and affordable sources of energy for us to use are fossil fuels (about 85% of all commercial energy   is taken from fossil fuels). Efficiency improvements and new technologies are part of the solution. For our society to really address the situation we are in we need to stabilize greenhouse gas emissions. Almost all bio-fuels used today cause more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional fuels if   you take into account the full emissions costs of producing these “green” fuels. It doesn’t matter whether you are clearing a rain forest or a field, the amount of green house gases that are emitted while doing so are significant. When clearing the part of land to make room for crops to harvest for fuel or setting up wind turbines you are taking land, cutting things down and creating CO2.
While these concerns are still there we do need to find alternative answers to the way we are doing things right now. Our economy and the world around us will not allow us to keep living the way we have been. To grow we must change our ways. To continue   consuming everything around us the way we have been will surely lead to our ultimate demise. If we change now, by using the technologies that we have acquired we can find a more efficient way to derive energy from our surroundings. Although I do not believe that the alternative energy options we have been presented with are perfected yet. To sustain ourselves we must look at every aspect of where and how we get energy.

Wind power is one of the fastest growing energy technologies in the world. I do not believe that wind power is perfect yet though, there have been researches done that show some issues with wind power. One of the studies showed that in some places where wind farms have been built in...

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