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Nuclear Power Essay

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In recent years, the use of coal in power stations has been rapidly decreasing. This is due to many countries switching to nuclear power. Although nuclear energy is cheap and renewable there are many people worried of its dangers.
The main advantage for nuclear power is that it does not produce as much pollution as fossil fuels. It is a clean alternative and is claimed to have an environmentally friendly impact on society. The burning of fossil fuels is causing our ozone layer to decay. Power stations which use coal, oil or gas as their power source are causing most of our Earth's pollution. Burning these fuels causes very severe smog. Smog contains sulphur dioxide and when this gas mixes with water it forms acid rain. It is probable that coal can have it's sulphur removed before it is burned. Research shows that coal powered power stations causes almost 67% of our pollution. Nuclear power stations on the other hand do not produce any smoke or fumes. This means the electricity they produce is generated more effciently and cleaner. Moreover fossil fuels are not going to last forever. They will eventually run out mainly because they are not renewable. Fossile fuels are energy sources such as coal, oil or gas. These fuels are burnt in power stationsto generate electricity. This is then used in industries and in homes. There is evidence that coal produces 42% of the world's electricity. Over the past few years people have used more coal than ever before and it is very likely that in fifty years, there will be no coal left. In addition nuclear power is extremly cheap. Although it coats quite a lot to build these power stations but afterwards it is very cheap to run. This is because the uranium that is used to produce the nuclear power is renewable. At least two thirds of it can be reused, which obviously makes it a cheaper power source. A possible solution could be nuclear power because it ir renewable. this would preserve fossil fuels for future generations. The...

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