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nuCLEAR(ER) energy Essay

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What is nuclear energy? Well, it is energy that is released from the atomic nucleus (the center of an atom). There are three exothermic processes of which this energy can be released. These three processes are radioactive decay, fission, and fusion (“Nuclear energy” 1). Mister Enrico Ferm, a pioneer of the nuclear generation, was able to split an atom (“HALL OF FAME” 1). But what is an atom? An atom is the smallest unit of matter that can still be considered the element (“The Atom” 10). There is natural and man-made production of nuclear energy (“Nuclear Energy” 1). The two different methods of man-made production are fission and fusion. In fission, large nuclei spilt to release energy while in fusion smaller nuclei combine to release the energy, but is three to four times stronger than fission (“Nuclear Energy” 1). Nuclear energy can cause tragedies and effect the society, but the triumphs may be worth the risk.
First of all, nuclear energy is not all good. For example, there is a higher capitol required for emergencies, containment, radioactive waste, and storage (“Comparison of various…” 1). There is also the problem that more countries have nuclear bombs. The explosions from these bombs produce radiation, if there was to be a war and the bombs were used, a lot of harm would be done upon the environment and the people living there (“Nuclear Energy” 2). What happens to the waste? Well, the waste, which is the byproducts of splitting uranium-235 (nuclear fuel) that stays radioactive for thousands of years, is stored underground, but these waste dumps are filled up in only a few months (“The pros and cons…” 2-3). Radiation can cause cancer, radiation sickness, and genetic mutation (“The pros and cons…” 2). To sum up, nuclear energy can cause problems if it is not contained well and the price to keep everything in order is quite costly.
Over the years, nuclear energy has brought on some major accidents. The International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) is a scale...

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