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Nutrition Essay

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A New House- Risks and Benefits
Diana Clark
XECO 212
February 11, 2011
Thomas Bell

A New House- Risks and Benefits
Government bodies that can affect the influence of the housing market will be the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. An example would be in the latest fiscal year 2011 budget proposal, a goal that will be set is to create and preserve more than 112,00 jobs through the Department’s housing and economic development investment in communities across the country. In this case, an increase in employment rates will help to increase the   level of income. Doing this will allow consumers to have more non- refundable income, which can stimulate an increase in demand for houses. At the   end, this will result in an increase in prices for houses.
Also the Federal Reserve influences national policies that will affect the housing market. The Federal Reserve can use its three tools of changing discount rates, reserving ratios as well as buying and selling of bonds and securities to influence interest rates that will affect mortgage rates, housing starts, and housing prices. Treasury debts are bought by the Federal Reserve from 2009 to restore the housing industry in U.S. In the same way, after the recent recession, the Federal Reserve has been cutting discount rates to stimulate consumption and investments. An increase supply of money because of a cut in discount rate will therefore lower interest rates. As a result, this can help to increase demand for houses as consumers find it cheaper to borrow funds for spending. The increase demand for houses can affect housing prices and that will bring an increase in price.
Benefits of purchasing a home based on these considerations are for all the first time buyers to consider purchasing a home using the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This is the act that Congress put in place to give these first time home buyers a tax credit of up to $8,000. It also has passed if they lived in their previous...

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