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Nymph's Response To The Shepherd Essay

  • Submitted by: baelber
  • on March 1, 2011
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In the poem, “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd”, there are a few central values that dictate the tone and mood of the poem.   The first value is time changes everything.   The author of the poem, Sir Walter Raleigh, states that with time, all of the shepherds promises will wither away.   The second value is skepticism of the ideal life the shepherd describes.   Raleigh explains why the ideal life the shepherd describes will never happen.   The influence of theses values is quite significant in this poem.
To begin with, the first value, as described early, is that time changes everything.   As a flower withers with time, so will their love.   In the poem, it states, “Time drives the flocks from field to fold…”   This line means as time flows, the love they have for each other will start to decay until there is nothing left.   People get together and break up all the time.   Without a strong foundation, time will break their bond.   It is similar to a dam holding back water.   Dams are meant to prevent floods by controlling the water level.   If the dam is tenuous, it will break and create problems.   On the other hand, if it is well built, it will be able to sustain the pressure of the water.   Another example is when the poem talks about “flowers do fade”.   This can be interpreted as a woman becoming old.   The question is whether the shepherd can still love the “nymph” as she grows old.   Throughout the poem, time has a heavy influence to what is said.
Next, the second value portrayed in the poem is skepticism.   The woman does not believe in all the promises made by the shepherd.   She doubts that he will be able to keep them to her.   One example in the poem is the first two lines of the 3rd stanza.   It is about how the shepherd will leave her when she grows old for a younger woman.   She does not believe he will stay faithful to her.   Another example is the 1st stanza which talks about innocence and truth.   The “nymph” says if the world had been a more pure place and the...

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