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Observation Essay

  • Submitted by: dAidocppurca
  • on November 19, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Cherry Nguyen
ENG 101.652
22 September 2009
Observation Essay

Experience on Ecstasy

Love Pills, White Doves, E’s, Candies, MDMA, those are some of the common names for Ecstasy, an illicit drug being consumed by a group of teenagers. Amongst them is a gorgeous thin but curvy girl with long beautiful voluminous black hair named Carolina. Although an intelligent young lady, she is experimenting with Ecstasy due to her peer’s persuasive talk. The emotional roller coaster ride she is on and the physical effect it has on her is unimaginable.
These young adults are meeting in the front of Carolina’s house. A tall tone guy with long gray shorts and a black shirt driving in a big black range rover pulls in. He and a short tanned guy named Alex and a buff guy named Jesse get out of the car and are walking towards Carolina and her girl friends Crystal and Sophie, standing in front of the garage. The tall one named Sean pulls out a small plastic zip bag. Inside were eight small vitamin-like pills in assorted colors. The guys hands each of them a small pill in various colors like blue, green, and orange. One by one, they all consumed it. Carolina is ont of the two who decides to chew the pill.
“It hits you faster and harder,” she explains. According to them, these small club drug is like alcohol, the effect hits you harder and faster on an empty stomach as they explain t more thoroughly to the first timer Sophie. Carolina then starts to explain to her best friend Sophie, “They make you want to chew non stop and you’d chew on everything. My first time, I chewed on a water bottle cap. I flattened it and it turned pink because I started bleeding but when you’re on E, you don’t really care about the pain. You can’t feel it until it wears off.” Throughout the car ride to Jesse’s house, which took approximately half an hour, Carolina continues to explain to Sophie. As they pull into Jesse’s garage, everyone steps out of the car and enters the mansion like house through...

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