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Oceanography Essay

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  • on December 4, 2008
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Oceanography and/or Marine Scientists focus on the study of marine plants and animals. They could also go into learning about the temperature, density, waves, and currents, along with the relationship between the ocean and the atmosphere. The way that they do these studies is by using refined instruments and, sometimes, robotic devices. These devices are used to locate things on the seafloor such as underwater volcano’s or sunken ships. Marine Science also helps us learn about the damaging effects of pollution to the ocean.
As researchers learn more about the global ocean and its interactions with the land and atmosphere, and how humans affect the ocean, the field is probable to have a growth in the next couple of decades.   As a need for specialized technology, new opportunities in marine science, to work in the demanding ocean environment increases, are becoming available. Many people associate marine science only with marine biology, nevertheless marine biology is far from being the only science associated with the ocean. Oceanographer or marine scientist can be physicists, chemists, geologists, engineers, computer scientists and biologists who have dedicated their job to the world’s oceans.
Marine Scientists have to adapt to rugged working conditions. They have to make sure that they have finished all of their work completely and have to meet strict deadlines weekly. It is a must that they have to wear protective gear, because they work with hazardous materials and animals. The benefits of working as a Marine Scientist is that you know that your helping the World with everything you discover. Marine Scientists/ Oceanographers salary varies for what state or place you are working from. In Arizona, the median wage for Marine Scientists is $4,280 per month ($24.69 per hour). However, in Phoenix the median wage is $4,360 per month (25.17 per hour).
Entry-level Marine Scientists, among a bachelors degree, usually assist older scientists in research labs. With...

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