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Oedipus Essay

  • Submitted by: meerapatel05
  • on December 10, 2008
  • Category: History
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I think Oedipus should have continued the search, in order to help the people of Thebes.   One reason is that if he would have continued the search he might get the chance to find out who killed King Louis.   Then if he found out about who killed the king, he might find out then that it was his father.   Finding out if it was his father might make him readjust his life.   Meaning he might have to live life differently after finding out it is his father.   It might be a little harming or so, but in the long run it was for his good because he found out whom his father was and that he’s not adopted.   If you do think about it, the truth will come out sooner or later.   The sooner it comes out the fewer burdens you have on your shoulders.   Also if Oedipus continues on with the search, he would inform everyone that what was told or the lie that was spread is not true and this is the truth.   If he found out, the people of Thebes would love him.   Maybe even have more respect for him.   Adding on to that, on his journey of being on the search, he might find out many more new things, new acutance, or even new events might happen.   Oedipus going on this search is really helping him the most.   He wants to find out who his father is and who killed King Louis and going on the search would give him both answers.   So overall, the search would be the better choice to be taken by Oedipus for his own good.   After reading we will find out what happens but hopefully he picks the right one for his own good!

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