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Oedipus Rex Essay

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  • on December 8, 2009
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For Great Books, half the class acted out the play Oedipus Rex. The other half did Antigone. The play of Oedipus Rex has a great meaning but it is also a tragedy. Oedipus had great pride, which almost always has a downfall. But the play Oedipus Rex is a good way how to deal with your pride.

As you know Mrs. Lansdown had our 8th grade great books class write a three page report on the plays we read. She gave us several ideas to write about. I picked to compare and contrast the theme “The bigger they are, the harder they fall” with a Bible story. So I will compare and contrast Oedipus’ downfall with pride and Pharaoh's pride in Exodus. This part is about when Pharaoh wouldn’t let the tribe Israel out of Egypt. So God had to send plagues and worked through Moses to free Israel.

When Oedipus was a baby, his original father was Laius and mother was Jocasta. They later heard of an oracle that later in their lives Oedipus would kill Laius and marry Jocasta. Shortly after they heard this, they abandoned him on a mountainside with a shepherd. Laius and Jocasta wanted the servant to kill Oedipus. The poor shepherd didn’t have the guts to kill a little baby. The shepherd gave Oedipus to an old man; the old man knew the king and queen of Corinth. They were childless. Oedipus’ new parents were these people. When Oedipus grows up, he hears the oracle that his original parents heard of. He moves away from his so called “parents”. Then on his way, Oedipus confronts Laius at a crossroads. They have an argument on who has the right of way. Oedipus in his great pride kills Laius. Oedipus solves the riddle of the sphinx “What walks with four legs in the morning, two at midday, and three in the afternoon?” Oedipus answered, “Man”. The sphinx is horrified that Oedipus solved it because nobody has ever solved it before. So she kills herself. As a reward for solving the riddle, Oedipus marries Jocasta. Later, after a happy marriage and lots of children, tragedy strikes....

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