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Offering Optimal €Uro Support Essay

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With the introduction of the euro, the Commissions employees will start using the new euro symbol () in their documents, spreadsheets, e-mail messages, etc. This can be done on PCs running the new reference configuration NTP 3.5, since the basic implementation of the new character has already been included there. However, after September 1997, when the NTP 3.5 Setup CD was published, the incorporation of the euro in IT systems and standards was still subject to ongoing development. Consequently, DI-STB had to adapt the first basic euro implementation of NTP 3.5 in order to comply with the newly enacted standards, in addition to providing new functionality and fixing problems.
This guide is focused on providing guidelines to the Local System Administrators and show them how to offer optimal euro support on NTP PCs and on assisting the local help desk team in solving problems related to the euro.
During 1998, some software updates were published which impact the implementation of the euro. These updates (Service Packs and Service Releases) together with the changes pertaining the euro implementation they provide are described here. This guide also clarifies which updates have to be installed so that the information given by the euro "users guide" (see Appendix A) is correct. This users guide will be distributed at the end of February 1999 and is to be found at the euro section of the office automation area on Softline.
2.Euro support components
In order to enable the euro sign to be typed, displayed and printed in 16-bit/32-bit applications on Windows NT PCs, several system files have to be updated.
1.Keyboard layout files
In order to type the , you need a keyboard layout that includes it. NT provides a lot of different keyboard layouts in accordance with various national customs. The most important keyboard layouts for the European Commission are: British, Czech, Czech Qwerty, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, French Belgium, German, Greek...

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