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Office 2007 Shortcuts Essay

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Shortcut Command How useful(?)
Basic navigationMicrosoft Outlook 2007
CTRL+1 Switch to Mail.   +       –  
CTRL+2 Switch to Calendar.   +       –  
CTRL+3 Switch to Contacts.   +       –  
CTRL+4 Switch to Tasks.   +       –  
CTRL+5 Switch to Notes.   +       –  
CTRL+6 Switch to Folder List in Navigation Pane.   +       –  
CTRL+7 Switch to Shortcuts.   +       –  
CTRL+PERIOD Switch to next message (with message open).   +       –  
CTRL+COMMA Switch to previous message (with message open).   +       –  
F6 or CTRL+SHFT+TAB Move between the Navigation Pane, the main Outlook window, the Reading Pane, and the To-Do Bar.   +       –  
TAB Move between the Outlook window, the smaller panes in the Navigation Pane, the Reading Pane, and the sections in the To-Do Bar.   +       –  
Arrow keys Move around within the Navigation Pane.   +       –  
CTRL+Y Go to a different folder.   +       –  
F3 or CTRL+E Go to the Search box.   +       –  
ALT+UP ARROW or CTRL+COMMA or ALT+PAGE UP In the Reading Pane, go to the previous message.   +       –  
SPACEBAR In the Reading Pane, page down through text.   +       –  
SHFT+SPACEBAR In the Reading Pane, page up through text.   +       –  
SHFT+PLUS SIGN or MINUS SIGN, respectively Expand or collapse a group (with a group selected) in the Navigation Pane.   +       –  
LEFT ARROW or RIGHT ARROW, respectively Collapse or expand a group in the e-mail message list.   +       –  
SHFT+TAB Move to next field in Reading Pane.   +       –  
CTRL+TAB Move to previous field in Reading Pane.   +       –  
ALT+B, ALT+LEFT ARROW, or ALT+BACKSPACE Go back to previous view in main Outlook window.   +       –  
ALT+RIGHT ARROW Go forward to next view in main Outlook window.   +       –  
CTRL+SHFT+W Select the InfoBar and, if available, show the menu of commands.   +       –  
SearchMicrosoft Outlook 2007
CTRL+E Find a message or other item.   +       –  
ESC Clear the search results.   +       –  
CTRL+ALT+A Expand the search to...

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