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OIL Essay

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Oil Falls

In my essay I shall compare the way in which two different articles from two different news publications report the same incidents but in different ways.   In the business section of the Chicago tribune I found an article “Oil falls despite PEC cuts; gasoline costs less than last year for the first time”. On the same day I found in the business article of the Chicago Sun-Times “Gas prices in free fall, but flip side of that is trouble”. I shall compare the variations and similarities in the amount of factual information given, the interviews used, the language employed and finally, the point of view that the editor is trying to portray.
In the first article by Mark Williams he discusses how the price of crude oil has dropped and is almost lower than last year for the first time despite Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) having to cut huge production in an attempt to halt the decline in prices. The article contains solid facts about the plunge of oil prices but goes on to explain how despite the lower costs of gas Americans are still not driving as much as they were last year and are using public transportation and starting to car pool a lot more. Thus, causing crude oil prices to go down in price due to the lack of demand.
In article two by Terry Savage he discusses, yes gas is in a free fall; but trouble is on the other side.   The writer in pessimistic fashion goes on to explain how the consumer has one thing to cheer about these days, not only will gasoline prices fall, but the threatened rise in home heating costs this winter will be blunted. He talks about how the financial markets are predicting the “worst of all worlds” an economic slowdown and a loss of confidence from the consumer.   This article is filled with opinionated evidence and not a lot of facts.
The point of view of both articles are almost at opposite points, they try to expose their opinions and facts into their articles and have the reader try to know...

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