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Oil and Iraq Essay

  • Submitted by: Omega3k
  • on December 5, 2008
  • Category: Social Issues
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Introduction 2
Literature Review 3
Security Threat Variables 4
Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Warfare 5
Oil and U.S. Involvement in Iraq 6
Discussion 8
Conclusions 9
References 10

Since the post war era, increasing attention has been paid to U.S. interests and its involvement in Iraq. Increasingly, public representatives and officials have criticized U.S. involvement claiming that in the post conflict era, the U.S. primary interest in Iraq has less to do with democracy and supporting the rights of the Iraqi people as it does with U.S. interests in Iraqi oil reserves. Iraq does provide the world’s second largest source of crude oil, making it an important political and economic agent relative to the U.S. economy. Despite these facts, U.S. officials have consistently maintained that their reasons for going to war and recent involvement in Iraq have little to do with oil and everything to do with protecting the interests of the U.S. people and the freedoms that should be afforded the Iraqi people.
This research paper will explore the continuing U.S involvement with Iraq in the post war era. The U.S. justifications for war with Iraq are invalid and the primary reason for U.S. continuing interest in Iraqi political affairs has less to do with the intent of negotiating peace and promoting democracy in Iraq as it does to secure its access to Iraqi oil reserves. Specifically, I will assert that the U.S.’s relationship to Iraq in the post-war era revolves around its continuing desire to secure a stronghold in the oil industry.
It will achieve this by establishing and maintaining a diplomatic relationship with the new government established in Iraq, and will do so even at the expense of the American people. Using case study analysis, I will lend credence to the hypothesis by showing that claims regarding Iraq’s nuclear capacity are invalid, that claims about chemical and biological weapons are invalid, and that other...

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