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Old Man And The Sea Essay

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  • on February 28, 2011
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Point of View
.......Hemingway wrote the story in third-person point of view. In some parts of the novel, the narrator is an aloof observer, seeing only the actions of the main character, Santiago. In other parts of the novel, the narrator enters the mind of the old man and reports what he sees. In the latter case, the narration becomes omniscient third-person point of view.
.......Although the narrator presents an objective account, at times he exhibits sympathy for the old man in his exhausting struggle against the marlin and the elements.
Plot Summary

...Eighty-four days pass and still Santiago has not caught a fish in the familiar waters of the Gulf of Mexico north of his seacoast village in Cuba. Has old age robbed him of his once-great skill? Is he just having bad luck? Will his scarred hands ever again pull in a prize catch?
.......His boat is empty not only of fish but also of his friend, Manolin. Santiago had taught the boy to fish, beginning when the boy was just five. He showed Manolin all the subtleties of the art, and Manolin was deeply grateful. More than that, he loved the old man. Often, he would take food to Santiago, and they would talk baseball, usually discussing the exploits of the great Yankee center fielder, Joe DiMaggio, who played magnificently even when bothered by a physical ailment. (DiMaggio was operated on in 1947 to remove a bone spur from the heel of his left foot. He also developed a bone spur in his right foot and sometimes dislocated his shoulder during games.) Whenever Santiago went out to fish, Manolin would go with him, happily and excitedly. But after the first 40 days of Santiago’s 84-day slump, the boy’s parents ordered him to go out with one of the other fishing boats; Santiago was bad luck, a defeated old man.  
.......So Santiago–sun-wrinkled and gaunt–would go out alone, in his single-masted skiff, to catch wind and, eventually, a great fish. But Manolin was always there in the morning to help him load his...

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