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Oliveration And Davidation Essay

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Two important philosophers of the twentieth century who led the world to its highest point... To the top, the democracy was then defeated by them., in June 2008. They are very generous and important. There life, then called the bogossattitude resulted from the influencze of the richest men on eart, Mao Zedong and Kim Jong Il becane there sclavec as well as the greek Tristanius Parrus ans the Armenian JP Abounayanyanyanyan who were two unimportant slavec of the century. David and Oliver created a new world of mystery and were happy together, but they were not gay, they were having sexual intercourse all day long with georgeous women who were very well drawn. They led the power until the top and defeated all the countries, such as USA and willl nearly shoot Obama and destroyed the Empire State building. They killed all the poors, and ugly women and wondered why Mme Bertholo is still alive? This eld them to confusion but they reached the top anyway to a point as high as the Mount Ararat of the Everest. BatiANUS and OscarPoilalAnus were so vailliant at combat and assure them victory. Solon was such a nerd and Cleisthenes didn't get laid until his death, he always staied a virgin ad suicide himself. Davidation ans Oliveration is a step to happiness and shows great emotion for life and documentation. They were well educated at school and were having sexual intercourse every day. They triumph in battle and created a lot of objects such as godemichet and concombredanslachatte that helped them to the construction of a better life in the ocean. They have the larger penis on earth and good nearly fuck horses. They enjoy foursome or hundren and fifth some as it is a sense of mawi pleasure in life.
They love you.

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