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It Only Takes Once Essay

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  • on December 11, 2008
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Brittany Harke
Oct 9th, 2007
Essay 2-meth commercial
It only takes once
This advertisement was created and produced by the Montana Meth Project and they are informing viewers about meth. There is a girl who is talking on the phone to a friend saying that she will be there shortly but she just has to shower first. She then hangs up the phone and gets in the shower and while she is in there she sees the water start to turn red with blood and then turns around to find a girl huddled up in the corner bleeding with cuts everywhere and the girl says not to do it. This girl is herself but on Meth. In this commercial the message the makers are trying to convey is that meth cannot even be done once, and they make these commercials so realistic and shocking because it really gets their message across.
The girl is assumed to be going to a friend’s house, possibly with a party going on there, and she might be thinking about doing meth. The audience that Montana Meth Project is trying to target is mostly younger people. In this particular ad, the girl is white. She appears to be in a normal, nothing special bathroom setting, which could indicate middle-class. She is the only character involved and it could be assumed that Montana Meth Project is solely trying to reach out to young white people; trying to make sure that they don’t fall victim to this drug. They could be trying to get the young adults to identify with the girl in the ad, who could be much like themselves. In all of these commercials or those similar to them, the main character focus is a younger person. The makers think that young people would be the largest group that would be influenced to do a drug such as meth. In these commercials they create different situations in which a young person swears that they will only try meth once but then shows them later on and they are addicts of it by then. And when it shows the addict version of them, they regret it and are telling themselves before they do meth to...

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