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Only the Iraqi Has Two Mothers Essay

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Below is an essay on "Only the Iraqi Has Two Mothers" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

When I hear someone talking about palms, I remember directly my lovely home, Iraq, where my origin, childhood and memories are. Palm is the most blessed tree in the history of mankind. SHE is mentioned in all the religious books. SHE is like the Iraqis in everything. SHE is anchored to its soil like the Iraqis do to their home. SHE stands through her high trunk in honor and patience just like the Iraqis. SHE holds the dates between her leaves as an Iraqi mother who holds the generosity between her arms.

    Although SHE is a different species, you can not separate HER from the Iraqi family. HER fruit (Dates) has been the staple food and chief source of wealth. Till the last moments of HER lifespan, the palm tree never ceases HER kindness and bounty through the palm pith (Jomar) which is one of the most beneficial and delicious nutrients preferred by the Iraqis. In the whole world, you can't find a tree that feeds HER people from birth to death as the palm does.
    Also, the palm trees have suffered in Iraq. Her leaves meshed with the Iraqis blood when a car was bombed or a rocket was launched. After the war, 1.5 million palm trees were cut, destroyed, burned and smashed and that is the exact number of Iraqis who were killed after the war. So, the palm tree and the Iraqi share the same destiny.

    When you walk near a palm tree in Iraq, you will hear HER whispering" I love you. I fed you before and I will feed you always. In spite of all the circumstances, I will remain here in Iraq and never leave it and I ask you to do so. I promise that I will always protect you with my weak leaves. But, if you left, you shouldn't forget that I will always be here standing and waiting for you like the mother who is waiting for her absent child to come back. Please, don't leave and forget your mom, the palm."

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