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Opinion Coloum Essay

  • Submitted by: ectrendy5809
  • on April 28, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Imagine living in a world where playing video games would actually make you lose weight. Kids would play for hours and end up getting in shape instead of filling in shapes. This idea seems as far fetched as president Bush withdrawing our troops from Iraq, but in this universe anything could happen. It once seemed that countless hours of daily Video game play would turn a person into an obese, acne ridden nerd with bad vision, but those days are about to change. No longer will extreme gamers have to deal with pudgy bodies and dateless nights. Soon the ladies will be going crazy for the new age of Video game jocks. The next generation of gaming already has gamers rocking out, swinging controllers and dancing the night away. And there's more where that came from, much more.
            There is no question that Video games have already contributed to the growing obesity problem in the United States. Children would rather sit in front of a screen and play sports on a game console then go outside. Thanks to game systems like the Wii and games like Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band, obese gamers might have still have a shot at changing. Of course these games should never replace any real physical activities but they will have you moving around. The obesity problem in the U.S. is growing and these games might just help kids escape what damage has already been done.
Dance Dance Revolution or DDR can be compared to a hardcore cardio workout. While observing people play the game torrents of amounts of sweat can be seen dripping off players. The idea of the game is to be in synchronization with the arrows on the screen and arrows you step on found on the control panel. The game can be played in arcades or in your own home. The beauty of this game is that you are standing up and moving you legs. The game isn't easy to play but its addicting to some. The bottom line is DDR is better to be addicted to compared to a standard sit down on the couch and move your fingers for...

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