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Oppression in the Renaissance Essay

  • Submitted by: coutureaddict813
  • on December 4, 2008
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Oppression of the Renaissance Era
Painters of the Renaissance era focused on depicting women of the time in an unnatural setting.   While one may see the paintings as creating an oppression against women, one may also see that men are including themselves in said oppression.   Artwork throughout the era that depicted women in a high-society manner gave women the impression that there was a standard to live up to in order to be beautiful.   In creating this image, male painters, in a sense, created an oppression amongst themselves as well by creating unrealistic standards for women to live up to.
The woman’s role in the Renaissance was to be a child-bearer, a keeper of the home, and a good wife.   Even though women were seen as domestic, they were rarely depicted in domestic settings.   Instead, they were depicted in a high-society manner.   These representations are almost the exact opposite of their daily role, which could be an interesting look into the male artist’s psyche.   It is possible that the representation of women were projections of what men wanted Renaissance women to be, or possible rebellion of what society was like at that time.   Whatever the reason, the depictions of women during the Renaissance reveal the way Renaissance life was, and how women were viewed during these years.   This unconscious rebellion can also be seen almost everywhere today.   Male artists, such as fashion designers, photographers, etc., create an image of the ideal woman that women feel they need to live up to in order to be beautiful.   Male artists, in a sense, may have been unconsciously creating an oppression amongst themselves.   By having such a strict ideal for the perfect women, their minds may not have been open to accept anything less than “the best” in terms of finding their ideal woman.
Painters in the Renaissance era used numerous strategies in their artwork in order to create the image of the “ideal woman.”   They often created the image of a pale, slightly larger...

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