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Oral Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: pemalraval5
  • on December 11, 2008
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The very basic communication if communication   with self it is called Intra personal communication. During Intra personal Communication one thinks and introspects. On other hand, when one engages in Interpersonal communication, one interact with another, learn about him or her and act in ways that help to establish relationship.

1. Face to face communication: Face to face communication with others has its own merits and demerits. When people communicate orally, they are able to interact; they can ask questions and even test their understanding of the message. In addition people can also relate and comprehend the non-verbal, which serves far more than words. By observing facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice, gestures, etc, on can understand the message better.

2. Telephone: Telephonic Conversation is oral but we cannot call it face to face communication. It is another types of oral communication with lack of physical presence. It depends entirely on the voice. Here loud and clear language usage is of utmost importance. Failures and barriers in telephone arises from defects in the mechanical devices as well as faults of speech. Here Pronunciations of words, names and members create problems to understand it clearly.

3. Presentation: Presentation is very important activity in any organization which is a Kind of oral communication. It helps to convey a proper message or matter to the receiver through presentation. It becomes an integral part for new products, services, to give detail about new strategies, marketing and sales of a product, production strategies and data interpretation. It is a well prepared talk about a particular topic. Through presentation, one can convey properly about particular topic without barriers to communication. Here the uses of audiovisual aids, power presentation, slide show etc. are the modern equipments which help to convey the message properly.

4. Public speech: It is a Kind of oral communication where generally the...

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