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Organizational Change Essay

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Below is an essay on "Organizational Change" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Transformed organizations are the way of the future. At the rate, technology advances corporations, organizations, and all forms of businesses must acquire employees that can adapt and keep up with constant change. Transformed organizations must be flexible with change and have a diverse workforce. The many different cultures and ethnicities must be able to come together to work efficiently, and have the ability to adapt to change before it occurs. The new transformed organizational model, in management scenarios, is now flat rather than the traditional hierarchy system that started with a CEO and worked its way down in a ladder fashion from Vice President, to upper management, down to lower management, then finally regular employees. These new corporations must also have a well-established network system that keeps the flow of communication clear and precise. One corporation that has made many of these changes is Cisco Systems Incorporations.Cisco Systems Incorporations shows just how constant technology changes and how diversity and flexibility within the organization can be a major factor in order to remain one of the largest world wide technology corporations (www.cisco.com). Keeping a diverse workforce enables them to efficiently and effectively communicate with the employees and customers that come from many different backgrounds and ethnicities allowing excellent customer service no matter where the customer may be calling from. The employees must be able to easily adapt to change for example in December of 2007 the technology department was informed in some major reconstruction (www.newsroom@cisco.com). The small technological groups that once worked side by side were now being collaborated into large teams that could cut back on the he said she said important information that followed each technical device to its next destination. By grouping the teams . the device being created would begin and end with the same team (www.newsrooom@cisco.com). By opening a...

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