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Orignality Essay

  • Submitted by: taki
  • on December 15, 2008
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Originality in the population is low, whether it’s your home, fashion, or technology. Everything is based on the following others and not creating one’s own ideas. Many houses in America while on a street all the houses look the same, they may have different colors but every house would be the exact same house. At the mall, many teenagers and adults wear the same designer fashion such as, Gucci, Coach, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. In this modern world we live in every piece of technology must be new, but all of it is a duplicate of some other product; example the Iphone is a touch screen cell phone that came out years ago now other companies take ideas from the Iphone and add it to their product. Technology such as computers, CD’s DVD’s and blue ray all have to be kept up to date in technology. All products are initially the same thing. In history something that was original was look at awkwardly, now when someone does something original it’s looked at as something to be praised.
Contractors when building new homes do not think of being unique in every home they build, they think how fast it will sell and the fastest way to get it done. Contractors who make house all on a block will purposely make all the houses on that street have the same outside along with outside the only thing that is different on these house are the people who live in them. Many million dollar homes on a street look the same, buyers who own these houses feel as if nothing is wrong when they are not even seeing that everything in life has to fit in. Buyers feel that if their house is in a good area they do not care what the house will look like. Some people will actually own the property before it is built that way they can customize their home the way they want it.
When it comes to women, men, and teenagers everything has to do with fashion. Women are best known for shopping, it’s apparently what keeps them happy, many women all age group go shopping at malls and buy what they feel they...

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