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Osmosis Essay

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Saint Athanasius


Ana Celia Medrano
St. Luke 8-23

Saint Athanasius Confessor and Doctor of the Church

      Saint Athanasius was Bishop of Alexandria and is considered the Confessor and Doctor of the Church. He was born (C.295-373) in Alexandria, Egypt. His feast day is celebrated on May 2nd.

      Some people believed that the Bishop Alexander was his teacher because. Bishop Alexander first saw Athanasius as a young boy “playing church” with his friends on the beach. Athanasius’ understanding of Greek writing and knowledge, Christian Doctrine and the Bible served him well when he was appointed assistant and secretary to Bishop Alexander at the age of 21. Soon afterwards Athanasius was ordained Deacon. When Athanasius was 33 years old, he became the Bishop of Alexandria.

      During the following years he vowed to spend the rest of his life fighting Arianism and defending Christian beliefs. Arianism is defined as the Doctrines of Arius, denying that Jesus was of the same substance as God and holding instead that he was only the highest of created beings. As Arianism gained increasing influence over the Roman Emperors, Athanasius was exiled from Alexandria five times in 46 years.

      Once, he hid for six years with a group of monks living in the desert. It was said that during one of his other banishment, the emperor’s soldiers were coming towards a boat that was carrying Athanasius down the Nile River. The Bishop told his friends to turn the ship around. As the two boats passed each other, the soldiers yelled, “Have you seen Athanasius?” His friends truthfully replied, “You are not far from him”, they watched as the soldiers boat sailed past them.

Later on, Athanasius was able to return to his faithful group in Alexandria. He gratefully ministered to them in peace for seven years-and soon after died on May 2, 373.

      I would like to mention that all saints have a different prayer. Saint Athanasius’...

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