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Osmosis Scientific Paper

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The effect of concentrations of water and sucrose solutions in dialysis tubes on the diffusion of water of each tube as measured by scales weighing each tube and comparing it to its starting weight under the conditions of ten minute intervals, five milliliters of each solute and beakers filled with the same amount of solution.
This osmosis lab was done to show how water moves from high to low concentrations across a selectively permeable membrane. Four dialysis tubes were used in the experiment, one tube filled with 5 mL of tap water, the second filled with 5mL of 20% sucrose solution, the third filled with 5mL of 60% sucrose solution, and the fourth filled with 5mL of tap water. All the tubes were weighed initially, and then submerged into beakers. The first three were submerged in tap water-filled beakers, and the fourth tube was submerged in a beaker filled with 60% sucrose solution. The tubes were then taken out in 3 ten-minute intervals and weighed each time. There was a higher concentration of water in the tubes with a difference in sucrose concentrations.  

Diffusion is the movement of molecules of any substance so that they are spread out evenly into the available space (Campbell and Reece, 2011), more specifically from a high concentration to a low concentration without the use of energy (Herrick, 2011). Osmosis is the diffusion of water molecules across a selectively permeable membrane. Water, which is the solvent most important for life’s processes (Herrick, 2011), is what most substances that enter or leave the cell dissolve in, making those substances solutes (Herrick, 2011), and the combination of the said solvent and various solutes forms a solution (Herrick, 2011). The movement of water molecules across a selectively permeable membrane from a high concentration to a low concentration is called osmosis (Herrick, 2011).   When something is selectively permeable, it is said to allow some substances to move...

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