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Othello Essay

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  • on February 15, 2009
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...comedy. A tragedy is a sad story which begins in prosperity and ends in adversity. It donates the fall of a tragic hero. Generally, a tragic hero must be royal and aristocratic rather than common. According to Aristotle, tragedy is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete and of a certain magnitude, embroidered with artistic language and in a form of drama. The seriousness of a tragedy is indicated by the characteristics of the protagonist. All of the characters in the play must reflect their importance and qualities of various human natures. A tragic drama must be able to stimulate fear and pity in the audience and lead them to a catharsis of these emotions. There is a tragic flaw in a tragedy. According to Aristotle, tragic flaw or hamartia is a quality within the hero that leads to his downfall (Answers.com. 2007). He adds that the misfortunes of a tragic hero are brought about by some error and frailty and not by vice. In Shakespeare's play, Othello's tragic flaw is his jealousy. Othello is described as a noble and respected general. However, his action of mistakenly murdering the innocent Desdemona is unacceptable, both by the audience and Othello himself. Thus, in redeeming his guilt, Othello took his own life by stabbing himself as an act of salvation.

How does Iago, Shakespeare's most hateful villain seek revenge on Shakespeare's most poignant tragic hero, Othello?

Iago, Othello's ensign, has a strong motive against his general, Othello. Iago is upset for being passed over for a promotion by Othello. His hatred builds when Cassio, an arithmetician is promoted to be the lieutenant. In Act I Scene i, Iago voices his dissatisfaction, "Preferment goes by letter and affection, and not by old gradation". He believes that Othello chose Cassio before him because of theoretical knowledge and favouritism. In seeking his...

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