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Our Children Essay

  • Submitted by: misbluehu
  • on February 27, 2011
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Our Children and the Internet
    When the people hear about the problems our children have, they generally blame our school system or our government for allowing such problems to exist.   Amy Goldwasser argues that this is not the case in “What’s the matter with Kids Today.”   Amy states that the internet is to blame.   I have my own thoughts to add.
    The twentieth century has brought with itself many new advances. With these advances, the human lives have changed dramatically. One of the most successful inventions is Internet. With it widespread use, its impact is tremendous. Some people even think that it has advanced knowledge beyond the younger generation’s maturity. As far as I am concerned, I totally agree with this statement.
    It is obvious for all of us that technology is advancing much faster than in previous centuries.   The most important, charming, unique and attractive consequence of this progress is the Internet. This rapid advancement of the science has caused a big gap between today’s generations and the previous generations. Parents have become unhappy with new habits in their children and on the contrary, youth are always yelling that their parents cannot understand them as well. But in the trenches of this conflict, sometimes we forget that are the children growing as well? Are our blooms truing to ripe fruits appropriately? Personally, I do not think so, and I will represent my views on the following paragraphs.
    The life goes on; the technology will advance especially with the computers and the Internet. Surely no one can deny it. But the people are changing with it too. People, especially the ones who spend their time behind their PCs are receding from the real social groups. Most of these persons are shy, laconic and disabled to live in real the world as well as their parents did. I think that the very first and also the most dangerous problem which has affected young generation’s character in a negative way is this.

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